New cultural understanding

After my trip to Morocco I have come away with a stronger appreciation for the Muslim religion. I think this is due to seeing  the amount of people going to the Mosques and respecting the environment even when not in the holy month of Ramadan.

I paid particular interest in the Arabic language. This started with a visit to the synagogue where I was able to look through the old Hebrew books full of beautiful patterns. I am also fascinated with the idea that they read from right to left unlike in English. However, there is a very little Jewish community in Morocco, so I began paying more attention to the Arabic language rather than Hebrew.

Its what I want to start basing my project on, using the Quran as a key aspect to represent the religion. The Arabic language is made up of beautiful patterns, with dashes and dots used to express accents. Putting that with the Quran, which I find beautiful in itself, represents what I find Morocco to be.



Author: alannah3012l5

I am a landscape painter who enjoys spending free time exploring and wandering through natural landscapes, understanding that the space I occupy in this world is tiny and temporary. The aim of my paintings is to evoke the same sense of wonder in the viewer that I experience while on my travels and to ignite the realisation that compared to our surroundings, we are miniscule and blend in, we are not above, nor do we have any higher importance than any other being or thing on this planet. My large oil paintings are designed to be displayed outdoors after being inspired by Katherine Grosse in the Venice Biennale, making them appear small in their surroundings, much like the people in them and the people viewing them. However, my zines and watercolours require more attention, showing that even smaller details contain whole worlds and landscapes of their own. Depending on our own experiences we see the prints differently. The text along with the images encourage the viewer to see the same landscape I see.

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