Postal Project

In James’ seminar we spoke a lot about posting art works to others and adding to them which i found very interesting. Once the seminar had finished, I was paired up with Angie, where we both exchanged addresses and posted 10 questions to eachother.

The aim of these questions was to get us thinking about artwork, to use the questions as inspiration to create work and send it back to our partner. The question that stood out to me in the questions she had written for me was, ‘If money were no object, what would you do tomorrow?’

Since last year, I have been very passionate about travelling and the only thing stopping me from travelling full time has been money (and university). In response to Angie’s question, if money were no object, I would immediately buy a plane ticket to India and go backpacking for a month, from there I would go to Thailand and stay there another month. After that, I have no plans. I would go wherever I felt like going at that point in time.

To show this, I am posting Angie my backpack (to represent backpacking) with a passport and flight tickets that I made from paper, paint and ink.

I also included a bag of Brazillian sweets for Angie to enjoy to represent my travells to South Amrica but also to say thankyou for the biscuits she had sent me in her response to my questions. – I will talk about this in another blog post along with my response to the work she sent me.17342249_10202741354050532_1935588925_o


Author: alannah3012l5

I am a landscape painter who enjoys spending free time exploring and wandering through natural landscapes, understanding that the space I occupy in this world is tiny and temporary. The aim of my paintings is to evoke the same sense of wonder in the viewer that I experience while on my travels and to ignite the realisation that compared to our surroundings, we are miniscule and blend in, we are not above, nor do we have any higher importance than any other being or thing on this planet. My large oil paintings are designed to be displayed outdoors after being inspired by Katherine Grosse in the Venice Biennale, making them appear small in their surroundings, much like the people in them and the people viewing them. However, my zines and watercolours require more attention, showing that even smaller details contain whole worlds and landscapes of their own. Depending on our own experiences we see the prints differently. The text along with the images encourage the viewer to see the same landscape I see.

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